Why Space is a Luxury You Deserve to Enjoy

Why Space is a Luxury You Deserve to Enjoy

july2011a-016The condominiums that dominate the Toronto skyline look incredible on the outside. Many of them are modern feats of architecture, evident in their unique, sometimes contorted shapes and sleek glass paneling. Unfortunately, the inside of some of these units can be quite minimal and can be quite expensive per square foot.

For someone looking for a condo unit that is not only spacious but luxurious, they should consider the offerings found at Henderson Manor in Ajax. Not only does it meet the modern standards of today’s condo buyer, but they also provide much more in terms of daily living.

Shrinking Condos, Growing Prices

When buying condos, many individuals pay more for lessDoesn’t it seem like people are paying more for less? Take a trip to your local grocery store to see examples of this! The same is true for homeownership, whether it’s the buying of a condo or house. In previous decades, a couple could buy a large, three of four-bedroom house with plenty of yard space for a price tag in the low hundred thousands. In terms of condos, that same price tag applied to two or three-bedroom condos with relatively large spaces.

Fast-forward several years, and those prices and offerings now lie in the realm of fantasy. A one-bedroom condo with very little space can easily cost half a million dollars or more, depending on location and other factors. Yet, aspiring homeowners flock to these developments as if they have no other alternative to purchase.

The Best of Many Worlds

Henderson Manor Condos in Ajax are a prime example of what an aspiring homeowner can enjoy, as opposed to what many others have to accept. There are several features that make the daily living of a Henderson Manor resident convenient and enjoyable.

How Henderson Manor Condos Bring True Luxury

  • Spacious Interior – The average size of a condo unit in Toronto is 797 square feet. Henderson Manor Condos offer 2000 square feet of space, making it a much more attractive option for those with high demands for space, such as those with physical limitations. A lack of space can seriously hamper one’s sense of well-being, by limiting their ability to move freely throughout their unit. Henderson Manor’s units address this dilemma by offering a more expansive floor space to the residents who need it most. Whether it is due to limited mobility, or just the desire for more space, our condo will not feel cramped.
  • Shortcuts – When it comes to making chores and daily tasks simple, shortcuts are not a bad thing. Henderson Manor condos provide a series of features that minimizes the burdens of tasks, especially for those who may find some of them challenging. For example, master ensuites have a laundry chute down to the laundry room. Additionally, there are elevators which allow residents to travel freely within their units. Such a feature comes in handy for people who may have limited mobility, and they will find tasks such as carrying groceries or laundry much easier.
  • Ambiance & Scenery – Many of the modernist condos going up in the city offer panoramic views of the urban landscape, access to facilities such as gyms and pools, and feature designs that have emerged from the minds of brilliant architects. However, it is common to see some of these condominiums ignore the basic settings that give residents an immediate sense of warmth and inclusiveness. Here at Henderson Manor, residents will find simple settings such as the rooftop terrace and herb garden inviting enough for them to relax in, while providing them with inspiration and a place for conversation with others.

Why the Henderson Alternative Matters

A new home, whether it is a condo or a house, should not feel restrictive even if it has its limitations. The promise of a great location alone should not determine whether or not you buy a condo that lacks space and coziness, especially if you find the price overwhelming. Henderson Manor provides residents with space, a taste of the outdoors, and a features that make daily duties more convenient. The creators of this development believe in the importance of providing an experience, rather than just a unit for people to dwell in. It is that very standard that makes Henderson Manor in Ajax a worthwhile alternative.

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