Quite simply put, our mission and our vision are one in the same: for better lifestyles. Greenvilla is a family-run company dedicated to improving the lives of all involved in, and affected by, our work. This means improvement. We are dedicated to improving our consulting services to better cater to your needs, improving the quality of homes put out by our contracting division, and improving the day-to-day lifestyles of the families now in a Greenvilla home. All the way down to the choice in materials for our building supplies, we hope to generate results that we in the present can be proud of, as well as the future.

When we say forbetterlifestylewe mean a better lifestyle for you, the community, and future generations. When you choose Greenvilla, it is a choice that reflects values placed on high-quality workmanship during every step of the process. Our expertise from 20 years of experience allow us to confidently walk you through anything in the new home purchasing process. We take great care in being equipped with personable sales professionals who will answer all questions before purchase, excellent trades to build your future home, and courteous office staff to make sure you are taken care of before, during, and after your big move. We invite you to take a look at our many previous projects to experience first- hand, how our finished products have withstood the tests of the Canadian climate, time, and multiple ownerships.

Since 1995, we have designed, built, and sold over 600 townhomes, single homes, and semi- detached homes to date and are carefully adding to that number. Organized as a boutique builder by choice, keeping the total number relatively low has given us the opportunity to ensure that each project is being given proper attention and each property – however small or large – gets treated with that same care and expertise. As well, we are conscious about giving each family generous space to grow and live, without necessarily maximizing land output with as many homes as possible. Following our mantra, we are working towards providing better lifestyles for all and we strive to maintain that at every level. As a registered builder under Tarion, purchasing a new home from Greenvilla guarantees a quality of work that adheres to Tarion’s strict guidelines and standards. This also means that the warranties on your new home will be sufficiently honoured. We look forward to welcoming you into the Greenvilla community, and hope you will be comfortable in the new home that we will carefully and diligently build for you and your family.