Higher Living: The Advantages of Choosing Henderson Manor

Higher Living: The Advantages of Choosing Henderson Manor

Choosing a home takes care and thought. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Greater Toronto Area are looking for a place to call home, but the selection can be dizzying. This can be especially true for mature residents who are looking for an “Adult Lifestyle Community” that is equipped for their needs. If you find yourself in this scenario, you may want to consider Henderson Manor in Ajax. While there are projects in the GTA that may not be a good fit for your lifestyle, Henderson Manor townhouse condos do precisely that. With many empty-nesters looking to downsize and find a new home that allows them to be independent, this new development serves an important demographic in the market. Read on to find out why Greenvilla homes are ideal for those looking for a living arrangement to suit their current stage in life.

Guided by an Experienced Hand

You may have heard a relative or friend talk about the problems they have with their building. You may worry that you could experience these issues yourself. There are many projects and condos in the Greater Toronto Area, and if there are problems with some of them, surely these issues could occur in your new home as well? Not to worry; Henderson Manor is headed by the Greenvilla Development Group. They’ve had experience with many different housing developments, ranging from condos to townhouses, to stand-alone homes. Greenvilla will be quick to respond to your questions, and knows how to address in-suite concerns if they arise. Henderson Manor is also in good standing with Tarion, a corporation that protects new home buyers and regulates builders. If you have questions about Greenvilla’s track record and previous projects, you can contact Tarion to have your questions answered.

Built With Empty Nesters in Mind

As the years pass by, it can be common for people to accumulate a surplus of personal belongings. Before long, you may find yourself yearning for a simplified living space. Henderson Manor fits the bill exactly. If you are looking to downsize your extra goods without downgrading your quality of life, a home here might be the right choice. These units are easier to maintain and allow for efficient living without forcing residents to sacrifice the things they love.

But Still a Luxurious Place to Live

One of Greenvilla’s core beliefs is in downsizing your life without downgrading quality; luckily, you can accomplish this through Henderson Manor. Henderson Manor homes are high-end and luxurious. With 10’ ceilings, you’ll never feel cramped or closed-in, and you’ll love the spacious feeling. Your new home could come outfitted with oak stairs, hardwood floors, crown moulding, stainless steel appliances, and even personal in-suite elevators. You will also have direct access to a private gated park, which is an excellent location for exercise or a leisurely stroll. Needless to say, you will be comfortable after transitioning to your new home.

The Best of Both Worlds: Close to Toronto’s Core Without Being Overwhelming

In Ajax, you can enjoy being close to Toronto’s downtown core without being inundated with the noise and bustleToronto’s downtown core is one of the most busy and bustling parts of North America right now. There are restaurants to enjoy that offer food from around the globe, and shops both big and small. No matter your age or your particular set of interests, chances are you would be delighted to spend a lot of time in downtown Toronto. That being said, actually living in the core is a whole other kettle of fish. It can be quite loud due to sirens and other disturbances, apartments can be cramped, and getting around town can be difficult due to crowded transit lines and parking lot roads. A Henderson Manor home in Ajax, however, gives you a lot more breathing room while being only a quick jaunt away from Toronto activities. This is one decision that is easy to make!

Life is all about pros and cons, but not every option on hand has drawbacks. Instead, some of the choices you can make are just smart across the board. A Henderson Manor property is one of those great ideas! Construction on new units is slated to begin in 2016, and when complete, will join the existing Phase One community. The location is spectacular, the homes are luxurious and roomy, and in Ajax, residents can rest easy knowing that all maintenance is taken care of by condo property management. If you’re looking for a place to reside and enjoy life, one of these properties would make an excellent choice!

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