Henderson Manor: Who We Are

Henderson Manor: Who We Are

Greenvilla Homes, the developers behind Ajax’s new condo development, Henderson Manor, would like to offer you a friendly handshake! Our goal is to see a generation of adults who have left the workforce settle down into a residence that gives them control over their daily endeavours. Ultimately, we want to provide a community for those who choose to live here along with their loved ones.

It Began With One Man’s Vision

In 1970, the late Dr. Henderson arrived in the Ajax/Pickering area after his journey from England. He had a vision to develop an ‘Adult Lifestyle Community’. His mission began when he and his wife Penny discovered their dream home on Old Harwood Avenue. Dr. Henderson was a visionary, always looking into the future and thinking of how his efforts would make an impact in the years to come. More than two decades later in 1992, he approached the Town of Ajax with a proposal. That was the first step toward his dream for a retirement facility, and within that proposal was an enclave for these suites surrounded by bungalow-styled homes. Fast-forward to the present, and Greenvilla has taken on the task of realizing Dr. Henderson’s vision in order to carry out his legacy. The company has also gone on to establish a solid reputation with Tarion, a private corporation that regulates new home builders, allowing interested buyers to check out their track record. Currently, the project is in its second and final phase of development (Phase 1 is Henderson Place, completed in 2004, and Phase 2 is Henderson Manor).

A Walk Through Henderson Manor

Final-Main-Floor-Do you need to ease the burdens of daily life? If so, welcome home. Here at Henderson Manor, we provide our residents with an “adult community” setting, and cater to those who want to simplify their home duties or accommodate for potential limited mobility. It is understandable that older adults may want to reduce their use or need for certain things (i.e. staircases), and we have made it our priority to create an accessible residence for these individuals. We also encourage the children of these empty-nesters living in Ajax to consider telling their parents about our units, so they can stay close without having to travel too far. Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate those who are making life transitions, as well as the family members who are helping them do so.

The vision of Dr. Henderson permeates throughout our suites, and you can see this in some of our unique features, which are highlighted below.

Throughout Henderson Manor Condos

  • Private elevators – Catering to the potential mobility issues of some of our residents, we took it upon ourselves to offer private elevators in all suites, for easy access of all floors from your parking spot to your private roof terrace.
  • Large Living Spaces – The average size of a Henderson Manor unit is 2080 sq ft. Contrast this area with the average measurement of 797 sq ft for a Toronto condominium.
  • Niche-Focused – A new condo development may appeal to a very broad market. It’s a noble pursuit, but Henderson Manor believes in providing a residence to those looking for something different: a tight-knit community of adults looking to settle down and rejuvenate themselves in a new, luxurious home.
  • Luxurious Layout & Design – You don’t need to live in a big city to enjoy luxury. You’ll find an elegant arrangement of exclusive design elements here, including granite countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances and 10’ ceilings. You’ll also see evidence of our meticulous attention to design on the exterior, since our condos are stylized more like traditional townhouses instead of contemporary high-rises.

We Look Forward to a Visit From You

What we offer may be exactly what you and your family members need. It is not always easy to find a residence that suits the needs of everyone, and it can be even more challenging to find one that puts emphasis on community. However, our new condo development in Ajax stands out among others in this regard, providing homes that are comfortable both physically and emotionally. We are confident that this balance will cater to your standards, needs, and desires for your next home.

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