Henderson Manor Isn’t Just a Condo: It’s a Community

Henderson Manor Isn’t Just a Condo: It’s a Community

Henderson Manor promotes living among neighbours and friendsCommunity applies to everyone at all stages of our life. It can mean the difference between just surviving and thriving. This is why our new condo development in Ajax is so exciting: It is a condo built with community in mind. Now, what exactly does “community” mean? It can mean family, neighbours, and it is also the continuation of a legacy. In the following blog, we discuss how the Henderson Manor construction has community and closeness in mind at every stage, and what exactly that means for our residents.

Fulfilling a Legacy: Why We Set Out to Make Our New Condo Development a Community

A medical professional can be an important figure in many people’s lives. Providing care and attention to members of the community is an important service that we cannot live without. David Henderson was one of the doctors in Ajax who worked hard at his job and tended to the community’s needs. Dr. Henderson lived on Old Harwood in Ajax, and Henderson Manor is the continuation of his dream; we want our new condo development to embody his values: care, loyalty, and community. With that in mind, we’re proud to present our new adult lifestyle suites, carrying on his namesake.

Why Community is So Important For Our Residents

When you think about the benefits of community, what comes to mind? Having a community around you isn’t just a minor perk; it can have significant mental and physical health benefits. Scientific studies have proven again and again that people within a close knit community or who have a support network close at hand tend to have better mental and physical health. Additionally, having a community creates a safety net in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong (like a heavy snowstorm, or a power outage). Here are some of the reasons why you should not scoff at the power of community:

Having a Friend On Hand For Times of Trouble

The Greater Toronto Area has experienced a couple of events that most people remember. In 2013, the city experienced heavy rains that led to intense flooding. The TTC was shut down, with only a few subway stations still running. Every downtown station was completely out of commission. To add to the problem, many buildings lost power. Here’s where the strength of community kicked in: people gave their neighbours rides, made sure that people on their floor had bottled water, and generally took care of one another. The same thing happened in the cold winter months of 2014, that eliminated several of the power supplies around the city. Some people spent hours or even days in darkness. Having community members around proved to be a major boon for those unfortunate GTA residents, as their neighbours could check in on them, share supplies, and even help carpool.

Getting to Share the Good Times With People Around You

A good community is there for you in the rough times, but they are also able to share in the good times with you. Henderson Manor was built with continuing many of the exciting traditions from our Henderson Place properties in mind: a day for residents to spend in the park with their grandkids, Bocce ball tournaments, and gardening up on the roof. These experiences help bring the residents of Henderson Manor together, and create unforgettable experiences for the entire family.

A Prime Location For Enjoying Family, Friends, and Fun

Ajax is a fantastic place for families and people looking to settle down for retirementWhen we started our new condo development in Ajax, we were very conscious of the location. Ajax is one of the fastest growing parts of Ontario, and a thriving part of the Greater Toronto Area. It is a great place to settle down for people who are not interested in the high intensity downtown core, but still want to enjoy the best parts of Toronto living. There are fantastic restaurants, businesses, and other places to visit nearby, such as multiple golf courses, churches, retail centers, pubs and cafes, clothing stores, salons and spas, gifts and novelty centres, and even obscure hobby shops like Games Workshop. Residents can enjoy the multiple parks in the area, or just go shopping at the nearby RioCan Durham Centre.

If you want to partake in festivals during the summer, take part in a cooking class, enjoy Toronto’s great museums and centres of culture, or just go to the beach – Ajax is a great location to do all of that from. Furthermore, you can stay close to the other generations of your family, so everyone can come and visit without having to sit in a car for hours. A forty five minute trip by car, or a ninety minute trip by transit, Ajax is a manageable distance away from Toronto. When it comes to community, there are few better places to get involved than Ajax.

Henderson Manor’s construction is still underway, but we’re excited to announce more information as it becomes available. If you’re watching with interest, why not register here for more information and updates? We’ll also continue to post news and information on our blog to keep the public up to date about our new condos. Keep in touch to find out more exciting developments about our new adult lifestyle project!

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